Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wow... how time files.

Yep - I've posted a bit about this in the past few months.


In the last post, we spent the weekend on a houseboat.  In the pictures was Graham, my stepfather.  He has grey hair..... from that I'm sure you'll identify him.  on Thursday last week he was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer....

His symptoms were that he was tired and constipated.... tired because he turned out to be anaemic... constipated because he was bleeding into his bowel.

If you have an abnormal body, for more than a reasonable time (a week or two or three - depending on what it is.....) go and see your doctor.  Graham now has a CT scan complete, and tomorrow sees a surgeon.  We are so desperately praying it's caught early. 

He and mum were due to come on our cruise departing Monday.  Don't think it's going to happen, but who knows..... 

I've not been touched by cancer before in my close family.  I've done lots of fund raising for the Qld Cancer Council, and known lots of people who are touched by cancer.  Kinda brings it home though.....

We head off on our holiday on Monday 8th April.... Back Monday 6th May. 

Don't know if I'll blog.  Who knows.  Feeling really flat at the moment and probably not being as kind to myself as I could be.