Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The list makes its first appearance here....

I'm a great list maker. I love lists so much that I can even make lists inside of lists, and occasionally inside lists again.  Perhaps I'll save that for another day - my list making skills!!!

Last night turned out interestingly.  I had already done enough stuff-getting-rid-of, or so I thought, and then I discovered that the washing machine had about 20 minutes to go, and it was stuff that was to be ironed, so I wanted to hang it and take it with me this morning to Miss N's house...

So I looked in my wardrobe.  Not such a bad idea, for a woman on a mission to declutter!  Out went quite a number of tops which I am a tad embarassed about.  They ranged from a top I bought in the late 1980's.... (yes, really - I still had it despite god knows how many wardrobe clear outs since) to another top still with a price tag on.  Ouch. 

Feels good though - despite the ouch factor, because then I had room on my side of the wardrobe to reclaim most (no, not all) of my clothes from Ken's side.  I'm sure he's really happy to have a bit more room on his side, although when I got home tonight, he has moved (again) a pair of dark brown trousers which I bought for him in Thailand - I think he thinks they're mine....  I don't know why - just because half of my clothes are on his side of the wardrobe!!!

Anyway, so I had a busy day at work, and I've had a busy night here at home too.  I've done a few things decluttering wise (I've put them in red) and a few jobs that had to be done... 

My tasks for tonight were:

-          Post my card to my Heart Sister
-          Deliver the ironing to the delightful Miss N
-          Unpack the dishwasher
-          Bring in the washing, fold & put away
-          Clean out and chuck the excess stuff from the fridge and the freezer above the fridge  (oh, the shame of what I just chucked...)
-          Check timings for Carpet man
-          Remove nail polishes
-          Clean out cup in bathroom (who on EARTH needs 5, yes 5 pairs of scissors in a cup in a bathroom???) 
-          Package up stuff for Nicky
-          Change over Camels
-          Nicky re Muster dates
-          Ring the gorgeous Miss M re our roadtrip
-          Groceries list
-          $ pay visa, AMEX, transfer to savings
-          2 x D batteries
-          Pick up ironing
-          Book a time for poopy bum Chook to go to vet

On top of all that, I have also made a pumpkin soup. Well, it's cooked, which helped to declutter the freezer, because I used up the chook stock that I made late last year and froze. Mmmmm - pumpkin soup! I took a photo of the decluttering from the fridge and the freezer in the kitchen.  I don't think I can bring myself to post it here though - it's so embarassing.  A whole bin FULL.  FULL.  Did I say full???  Just in case I didn't emphasise it enough, it was sooooo full, I took the bag straight out to the wheelie bin which is out on the road to be collected tomorrow, and dumped it in.  I had to support the bottom of the bag because I thought it'd fall apart! 

So, moving right along from the embarassing situation of the fridge chuck - I've done all the stuff above, and feel pretty good about it. Just a few more things tonight before the gorgeous Miss S comes tomorrow (that's my heavenly angelic cleaning lady).  Roger whizzed around the floors again tonight, and did another great job.  I might put on my list to learn to program him next!!!  I'll take a photo of him sometime!!!

One chooky isn't quite right - she's happy and hurtling around, but has a poopy bum.  After Lucy, I'm not taking any chances, so Ken's going to take her to the Vet tomorrow.  Broody chook who's been sitting on the nest for what seems like forever has finally stopped being broody, right in time to moult.  It's chicken abuse, I tell you - they look just so awful when they're moulting, she's got patches of skin showing now!  So - I better not post a photo of her either.  I'd be run in by the RSPCA!!!

Ahhh... love living in the country!!!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Let's make a start...

But - where?  I don't know where to start... so of course, George, the god of carparks and declutter, has soooooo kindly helped me out. 

The Insurance Company has given the go ahead for the replacement of the laminate floating floors and 2 bedrooms of carpet following the burst water pipe in January.  Whilst that's excellent, because the laminate is all up and down & is now sliding around a bit, it's also a bit frightening, because it means that we're going to pay to replace the remainder of the carpet.  Which, when you're then doing the ENTIRE house, means that... well, it kinda means we're almost moving! 

I'm figuring that I'm going to have to shift absolutely everything around, so that we can get the floors underneath replaced.  Not sure how it'll all work, but I'm sure the flooring people have experience in this.  Given it's their job and all...

My job is to panic.  I'm good at that.  I'm panicing on the inside at the moment, and I figured that it'd be best if I didn't have as much stuff (there's that word again) as I do currently.  So - I looked around and decided that it was time for the camphor wood chest, a silky oak chest of drawers/dressing table and an antique pedal organ to leave this house for a new abode.  Enter EBay. 

I said "yay" when they all sold, and so that meant that I then had to unpack the STUFF in the chest.  (are you getting my point of why I need to make this journey???!!!)  Boy oh boy - those things hold lots of stuff!  13 pairs of towels, about 4 or 5 sets of sheets, numerous table cloths, pillowcases and other assorted stuff later, I had the biggest mess of my whole life, and it was all sitting in the dining room. 

Fortunately, I had access to boxes from work, so 10 of them came home with me (yes, more stuff) and one has now gone out the door.  It's looking a bit better.  A bit. 

The camphor wood chest is on the left in the picture, the chest of drawers is butted up against the dining table, which you can't really see any more!!! 

Now it's looking a bit better!  Well - there's more space now!

So - all items have now gone to new homes, and I'm quite surprised - it's rather cleansing!  Tonight I've been busy washing and learning to drive this blog, so I haven't gotten rid of anything tonight. 

I have managed to write to my SS Heart Sister though....  I started it last week and hadn't finished it yet, so I will post it tomorrow. 

And so it begins...

Welcome to my place for space... 

I want to share with you my journey.  It's going to be an interesting journey, as I'm really not sure where I'm going or how I'm getting there yet, I only know that it's a journey that I need to make. 

My aim is to declutter my life.  That will definitely include belongings (also known as STUFF), practices, habits, and may also include things like friends (so I guess that's soon to be ex-friends?), thoughts, and other things that I decide along the way that I really don't want in my life any more. 

I'm starting with the STUFF.  I think it's going to be the easiest...