Monday, 28 March 2011

Let's make a start...

But - where?  I don't know where to start... so of course, George, the god of carparks and declutter, has soooooo kindly helped me out. 

The Insurance Company has given the go ahead for the replacement of the laminate floating floors and 2 bedrooms of carpet following the burst water pipe in January.  Whilst that's excellent, because the laminate is all up and down & is now sliding around a bit, it's also a bit frightening, because it means that we're going to pay to replace the remainder of the carpet.  Which, when you're then doing the ENTIRE house, means that... well, it kinda means we're almost moving! 

I'm figuring that I'm going to have to shift absolutely everything around, so that we can get the floors underneath replaced.  Not sure how it'll all work, but I'm sure the flooring people have experience in this.  Given it's their job and all...

My job is to panic.  I'm good at that.  I'm panicing on the inside at the moment, and I figured that it'd be best if I didn't have as much stuff (there's that word again) as I do currently.  So - I looked around and decided that it was time for the camphor wood chest, a silky oak chest of drawers/dressing table and an antique pedal organ to leave this house for a new abode.  Enter EBay. 

I said "yay" when they all sold, and so that meant that I then had to unpack the STUFF in the chest.  (are you getting my point of why I need to make this journey???!!!)  Boy oh boy - those things hold lots of stuff!  13 pairs of towels, about 4 or 5 sets of sheets, numerous table cloths, pillowcases and other assorted stuff later, I had the biggest mess of my whole life, and it was all sitting in the dining room. 

Fortunately, I had access to boxes from work, so 10 of them came home with me (yes, more stuff) and one has now gone out the door.  It's looking a bit better.  A bit. 

The camphor wood chest is on the left in the picture, the chest of drawers is butted up against the dining table, which you can't really see any more!!! 

Now it's looking a bit better!  Well - there's more space now!

So - all items have now gone to new homes, and I'm quite surprised - it's rather cleansing!  Tonight I've been busy washing and learning to drive this blog, so I haven't gotten rid of anything tonight. 

I have managed to write to my SS Heart Sister though....  I started it last week and hadn't finished it yet, so I will post it tomorrow. 

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