Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Some ramblings about stuff...

Wow... what a week!

It never seems to rain, but it pours!

Ken, my gorgeous partner, decided to surprise me for my birthday, and I had absolutely no idea until his son Jake left a message on the home phone the day before the surprise, asking when Mick (my brother) was coming to pick him up.  I rang Ken at work and said “are we expecting your children here this weekend” and all Ken could do, being put on the spot, was ‘fess up.  

Turns out he’d not only invited his boys, but my brother & his kids, along with mum & Graham!  Wow! 

Let’s add to that my invitation to Yvonne and Geoff the previous weekend of “come along and have a curry with us – we’re going to India Today on Saturday night” and let’s also not forget Richelle after Sue asked me if I could pick her up from work on the Saturday afternoon as they were going to the footy...  I mentioned that she could come over for dinner if she wanted, and then as we were going out, just included her as well. 

Ahhhh... 13 for dinner!

It was loads of fun – and very, very yummy.  It always is.  I didn’t think the service was as good as it has been, didn’t see any of the Family there, and one of the waitresses only spoke a VERY little English.  We didn’t get the attention we normally get – but it was still lovely...

On Sunday morning we all got up, had bacon & eggs for breakky (yummo!!!) and everyone headed off after lunch.  Ken and I blitzed the house and put everything back in its place, and it’s all quiet again.  Henrik also went to Brisbane with mum & Graham for a few days – so it’s quiet without him too. 

We headed down to our park about 3.00 pm – there were a few of the neighbours there for a catch up and it was lovely to sit and chat to them...  the kids played on the grass, kicked balls around and played tennis. 

We finished at the park just as it was starting to get dark, Sue & Hugh and the kids came over and we finished off the Indian leftovers (they let us take them home) – that was great to finish off all the yummy food from Saturday night and have a clean fridge again! 

Monday evening we headed to Sizzlers to meet the gorgeous Karen and her family – what a hoot!  She has 4 littlies and a teenage daughter – they were all lovely, and we had such a great night!  I didn’t get my early night, which I am STILL waiting for!!!  These 5.45 am starts are killing me!!!

We didn’t take any pictures, but I did take this one – isn’t he so sweet????

I think that’s about it for now.  I have been decluttering the study floor with good success and may even get back in there tonight – slowly but surely.  I seem to have an issue with chucking away paper that hasn’t been written on.  I know it’s a waste, but I have enough notebooks to last till the year 3030 so some have just got to go.  Time to bite the bullet!

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