Sunday, 15 April 2012

It was Friday when I wrote this!!!

Well blog, I haven’t been very faithful to you have I???

I’ve been travelling for work for the past two months, every week in either Sydney or Melbourne.  I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed it, but it’s now time to come home and spend a bit of time enjoying that too...

So – what have I been doing?  I was asked by our Corporate Safety & Health Team to come and help them clean up the mess left by the outgoing Corporate Safety & Health Team...  the outgoing team hadn’t done the stuff they were supposed to do, then most of them resigned.  Hmmm – ISO accreditation means that you’re supposed to keep doing the things you’re supposed to do!!! 

Anyway, new S&H Team needed assistance so that our Recertification didn’t go pear shaped, so down I went to help.  It was good – I enjoyed the change!

Now I’m back... 

I got home on Wednesday evening very very very very very late, and so didn’t come into work on Thursday (just before Easter).  I did do some work from home on my laptop, and I pottered around sorting out stuff for the Easter long weekend which we spent up at Boondooma Dam.  How much fun was that!

We got to spend the time with our wonderful friends and neighbours, not doing much.  We went out in the boat a bit (well, I only went out twice) and caught some Red Claw, ate, drank, slept....  that’s about it!  It was lovely, and the days disappeared just so fast!!!

This weekend is a little full – I’m trying to cram everything I need to get done into one day so that I can do not a lot on Sunday...  Crochet first, then up to Ipswich to see Peter & Michelle...  Ken will install a power point for them, and I’ll catch up with Michelle – haven’t seen them for ages! 

I’m also going to try and get to either Lincraft or Patchwork Angel on the weekend (or maybe this afternoon for Lincraft) – I’m taking part in the Down to Earth Blog’s Apron swap, and given that my machine is now back from being fixed, and hopefully will have no more disco light action, and it might also sew properly!!!  I’ve decided that I’m going to do a reversible retro style apron with a flounce on the bottom...  egads – I hope it goes well!!!  At least my swap buddy (who lives in the USA) knows I’m a newish sewer, and so is she so that’s all good!!!  I’m really excited – I’d like to get a good start on it on Sunday when Ken’s sleeping ready for nights. 

Oh yeah, I also need to make more of a start on cleaning up my bedroom mess.  Ken’s so patient with me!!!  Seriously though – it’s starting to poop me that I have such a mess on the floor.  It’d be nice to find some of it – maybe Sunday night... 

Hopefully I will soon have my computer back also – that will mean I can blog properly too!!!  Using the work computer (shhhh...) doesn’t work as well!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! 

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  1. So, the frequent flying has slowed down? Although, being busy is good.

    I haven't been looking at internet much. These last couple of months 'we' have used our quota much too quickly during peak time, and off peak hours are awkward for me.