Thursday, 3 January 2013

I enjoy Facebook, but some days....

Boy – are there some interesting people out there!  Let’s just take today....  Actually – let’s just take the past hour or so!!! 

A young friend has posted some things on her page which are written WAY beyond her years.  To me, it’s really obvious that it’s her mother that’s writing these things in the hopes of stirring up the father...  They separated about 18 months ago and the mother seems to be delighting in using the children as pawns.

One friend is upset because their Centrelink wasn’t paid as they were overseas.  They have to prove they are back in the country in order to get it reinstated.  One person comments that “most people on welfare don’t go overseas”, just saying.  Person replies back “it’s not welfare – it’s child care payment”, and has to be reminded that child care payment IS welfare.

Pizza Hut is advertising “the search for the next stuffed crust pizza filling”.  Sausage rolls v’s chicken nuggets....  now – that’s healthy!!!

A friend’s status:  “My 70cm flatty (Flathead Fish) caught and released this arvo” – complete with picture of her kissing it (I loved this one!!)

Mozzie traps on Grass Roots’ status, a young relative who’s had a great morning out with his girl, another friend with a picture of her cardinal vine flowers that a Blue Faced Honeyeater is enjoying, yet another friend whose cat is waiting patiently on the table for his dinner, a recipe for Jelly Cakes from Stay At Home Mum. 

ABC News Radio is advertising that the QLD Government are considering electoral reforms, including scrapping of compulsory voting, and finally, from a friend who loves to try and win stuff, an advertisement for a new site “”, and finally, the piece de resistance.... “not everything that pops into your head needs to be shared on Facebook”. 

What is it about social media that encourages people to spew forth every thought that ever popped into their mind?  What is it that makes them type before they think?  Or, far worse than that, post every imaginable detail about their life online, laid out bare for the entire world to see???

Don’t get me wrong – I love Facebook....  but it’s so, well, “out there”.  So many people can share what you post, and so quickly, that your chances of any sort of anonymity are almost zilch.  Even blogging puts it out there, although in a much less “open” way. 

What is it that allows people to use terrible language, swear, carry on and put other people down? 

Have you ever pondered this?  Or am I being too deep today???


  1. I love facebook and it serves me well. However there are a few annoying aspects to it mainly concerning certain people who deliver all the gory details that are often TMI. I don't think they even stop to think who could be reading their status's. I have unfriended a few people for their rage filled rants and also the ones who post passive aggresive stuff that I just don't need to see. I have a conservative list of friends and regularly do a stock take to ensure it is an up to date list. It never ceases to amaze me how some people, just regular, non celebrity types who can have over 3000 friends. My niece is a classic example. *shaking head*, why do you want to tell strangers your stuff?

  2. I totally agree with you and facebook has taken over everyones lives.
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    Amanda xo

  3. Just "flicking" through blogs today as it's been a while and I agree with many of your comments on this. I can't understand why some people wear their heart on their sleeve and want to tell it to the world or have that much rage that they just spew it all over everyone in one line statements that are cryptic. If I want cryptic, I'll do a crossword and have more enjoyment from it. With blogs you share little bits of your life with those who share interests with you, and sometimes you give each other a helping hand over the rough bits in life's road.