Monday, 7 November 2011

Bent cars, a road trip and some Bobcat Ballet thrown in...

Wow – last week is the week that was!  What a week!!!

We went to Boondooma Dam last weekend, chasing some more Red Claw.  There wasn’t many of them, but what we did get was mostly good quality.  We brought home about a dozen for Buzz to pop into his dam – wouldn’t it be nice to be self sufficient like that!!!

Bert taught us how to hypnotise them too – check this photo out!!!

This is how the Red Claws sit once they're hypnotised...

Hold them down, bend their claws back (don't be rough - just gently), and rub their forehead.

We checked out Tina’s A’Van camper while we were there.  DANGER!!!  It was actually pretty compact and neat, and everything had its place.  DANGER!!!  We packed up – hot, sweaty, hot...  I was a bit over it (lending and assisting others with camping & not much help to pack up communal facilities...  DANGER!!!

When we got home, I was scooting around the Internet and came across some of the Jayco Wind Up Trailers – where the two beds pop out of the ends.  I found some at pretty good prices actually – well, I’ve never really looked at those types of vans, only ever camper trailers or whole caravans. 

Next up was Monday afternoon, I was heading to the Doctor’s at Noosa... (oh yes, better make that appointment again today!!!) when I’m pootling along Louis Bazzo Drive and all of a sudden I hear klunk klunk klunk klunk under the car.  Stop the car, get out, look at tyres.  Nope – can’t see anything.  Sounds like a stick under the car – nope, can’t see stick.  Get in, drive 20 metres, klunk klunk, stop.  Look again.  Nope – can’t see anything.  Get in.  Reverse – no noise.  Hmmmm.... 

Drive forward – noise.  Drat it!

Ring Doctors surgery, cancel appointment.  Turn around, head home – slowly.....  Ken looks at tyre – tyre has actually shredded itself on the inside!  Like a ribbon it had unravelled from the tyre – no, they’re not retreads!!!  He puts spare on, and sends me inside to call the tyre place and get a new tyre... 

I call Bridgestone, yes, they can have one for me tomorrow by 11.30 am or so.  $563.00.  OUCH!  One tyre!  Mental note to self – don’t buy a car with 19” low profile sports tyres on again!!!  Ken comes inside – actually now need two tyres.  Double ouch!  Get back on phone to Bridgestone and order second tyre...  **sigh**

Tuesday – I’m hurtling along the Bruce Highway, doing 90klm per hour as per the speed limit, on my way to Katie Rose Cottage (my Volunteer job on a Tuesday evening).  Because of that, I was further down the highway than where I turn off when I’m heading home.  A Jim’s Skip Bin truck went past in the other direction, and off flew a 2 metre long piece of metal and smashed into the front of Ken’s car.  Broke the indicator lights, and scratched the mud guard bit of the front of the car.  Good thing I was in his car – if it was my car I would have had it hit the windscreen...

Stop car – get out, look at front.  Grrr... turn car around, chase truck to find out which company it was.  Call Katie Rose Cottage – can’t make it tonight.


I’ve spoken to the Jim’s man, he’s talking to his Insurance company.  Ken’s had my car fixed, it had to go in two days for the two tyres, as they didn’t get the second tyre in in time for the first day. 

**double sigh**

Wednesday is Ken’s birthday and his friend comes up from Beenleigh for the evening.  Ken shows him some of the campers that I saw on Sunday night.  Steve agrees – good price.  DANGER!!!

By Wednesday evening we’d decided that we wanted the Camper that I’d found in Moranbah.  We figured we could drive to Moranbah and back and be back in time for Mick to come and Bobcat on Saturday.... 

So we did!

Ken’s back’s not getting any better, and nor’s mine.  I’ve also found it difficult sometimes to get up off the ground when we sleep.  Perhaps this will work out better.  We’re going to keep all our camping gear and tent though – we love the sound of canvas/tent fabric and may well do both.

Thursday afternoon he picked me up at work and we drove to Rockhampton.  Friday we went to Moranbah, looked at the camper, decided to buy it, ran around organising some paperwork, and drove back to Rockhampton again.  Saturday we drove home, and were home just after lunch. 

Numb bum...

Okay, so the flys over the beds aren't up yet, but you get the idea!!!  Woo-hoooo!!

When we got home, Mick arrived shortly thereafter, and began ripping parts of our garden apart.  He got an almighty fright when a snake appeared between his legs of the Bobcat (I didn’t realise they’re open under the pedals) - it turned out to be a python.  It had been scraped by the bucket of the Bobcat and didn’t survive unfortunately. 

He finished off Sunday afternoon with a Ballet Recital along the road...  Show off!!!

We topped Sunday night off by going to Lance and Chris’ house and stayed on for dinner... 

Thank god it’s Monday – I can now get some rest!!!


  1. Whew. Busy people. How exciting to get a camper van. I would love that.

  2. Hi Sharynne, Pat here. What an eventful week you had. The camper looks great. I see many long weekends coming up!

  3. Fairy from Organised Castle7 November 2011 at 22:12

    Gawd!! You live a boring life!!

  4. Way cool very happy for you both. Well won't you have a great muster next year. What a trip and a half.

  5. hmmm must will be comfy. Is it a Swan, eagle, Or Hawk.....Carmel