Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Some more photo's of our new arrival!!!

Happy wanton Wednesday everyone!!!

That saying comes from a wonderful lady who I have come to regard as a good friend over the past year or so.  Online forums & communities do that sometimes.  Some people become passing acquaintances, and others become firm friends.  I am so very blessed that I have discovered a group of people on SS that now link up on FB also that I have come to regard as friends.  Isn't modern communication wonderful that we can make friends like this?  Even ones we haven't met yet!!!

Anyway....  Back to the topic at hand!!!

The gorgeous Susan asked for more photo's of our new arrival.  The campervan is up at home, but will be put away by the time I get home... Of course, I could ask Ken to take some pictures for me, but that'd be logical!  I'm far tooooo impatient for that! 

So - I turned to the Internet, found a campervan the same as ours, and nicked their pics of the inside!!!  The only change is the fabric on the cushions - ours is slightly different...  layout and everything else is identical...


  1. Susan's Perspective9 November 2011 at 12:05

    Oh that looks wonderful! Thank you for putting those up. No more bad backs from sleeping on the ground, easy cooking (or throwing together of food, LOL) & a lovely place to sit & eat away from mozzies & flys. Excellent.

    Happy Wanton Wednesday right back at you gorgeous girl!! :o)

  2. Looks great! So where is your first trip going to be?
    we are supposed to be selling our very old 4wd (we bought so we could get out when it floods etc) and selling my little Lazer, buying somee sort of 4wd for me to run around in....phew! then once that is all done we will have space in the shed! Just got to work on hubby some more who doesn't camp! Camper van be an easy compromise I think! Love it!