Friday, 27 January 2012

Happy Australia Day!!!!

Ahhh... the day we celebrate being us, being Australian.  What does that mean to you?  Not to "be Australian" if you're not an Aussie, but to be who you are?  Belong in your country???

Are you proud of who you are?  Do you have that sense of belonging?

We have a student here from Norway at the moment, and I am having real trouble understanding his fitting in.  He doesn't like to associate with "kids younger" than him, which has effectively left him with no "friends" to hang out with around the estate at all (god knows what happens at school).  He associates with the neighbours, but they are grown adults, so he can't spend all his time hanging out with them either.  He basically spends most of his time laying on his bed, doing stuff or watching movies on his computer. 

Today we had a BBQ and the Sue & Hugh and Brent came over (we can't go out to do anything for Australia day because it's sooooo wet!!!)  Henrik doesn't want to hang out with Brent because he's only 13, so not "grown up enough"... the thing that he doesn't realise is how much he misses out on, by not associating with all ages of people.  Brent has his own boat, which he and his Dad go fishing in regularly - Henrik won't ever get an invite, because he's simply not friendly enough to them.  After he'd finished his lunch, Henrik simply got up from the table and left.  Didn't even say goodbye to anyone when they left!!!  He just doesn't get how rude he actually is and how much that will impact on him, as nobody will want to go with him places, so he then complains he's bored on his own!!! 

Ahhhh - teenagers! 

And as for going everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE with headphones on...  Grrrrr....

Vent on teenagers over now....  but I think he may be our last student through YFU.  I'm basically a cooking, cleaning, washing person for a teenager who lays around.  I'm not getting any "feel good" out of it, and I feel a bit used up - so I don't know that I'll be doing it again.  Sad...

Moving right along, it's been raining here the past few days.  It rained so much that our underground water tank didn't cope with all the water going into it and the overflow didn't drain it fast enough - check out this video that Ken took...  the water bubbling up out of the tank is not supposed to happen!  Also - see if you can catch sight of the river down the back....

Oops - sorry, video won't upload.  It's 36MB, so probably too big...  Just use your imagination instead!!!

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  1. Would have liked to have seen that! No damage, I hope?