Thursday, 31 May 2012

Overcoming procrastination...

I would have to be one of the worlds’ best procrastinators.  Honestly, I am a master at it.  I can even fool myself from time to time that I’m NOT procrastinating – now that takes skill!!!

I’ve tried all manner of things in the past to get over this issue, I’ve used lists, I’ve used no lists, I’ve tried the “just do it”, the “just do it for 15 minutes” and of course I’ve just ignored it.  None of which have had lasting success... 

I tried something new last night.  I decided that I could have free time (well, “me” time) after I had completed 5 jobs.  I had a list (I do love lists....) and I put on it:

·         Washing                                               (10 minutes)
·         Pills                                                        (5 minutes)
·         Notes                                                    (2 minutes)
·         Bills                                                        (10 minutes)
·         Carrots                                                 (10 minutes)

I also had two phone calls to make.  I took great pleasure in having such a short list, and watching everything get ticked off... 

This might help – if I only have to do a few quick-ish things each day, I’m more likely to actually do something rather than nothing.  Hmmm – time will tell!!!

Sometimes the best trick is the JFDI.... Just do it.  I was reading Rhonda’s blog and she has an upcoming talk at a place called Bell.  Hmmm – she described it as “south western Queensland” – but I know she wouldn’t drive a gazillion miles for a one day workshop, and she doesn’t fly, so it can’t be actually that far away.  A quick whereis search showed me that it’s south west from where we live, not south western Queensland, and it was about 2 ½ hours drive away – very do-able in a day. 

Following the just do it principle, I immediately e-mailed Rhonda, and now I am registered to attend the day.  I’m really looking forward to it – it’s being held on Saturday the 23rd June, and fortunately it starts around 9.30 am – so at least I can get up at a normal week day time and get out there.  I have to take a couple of jars so that I can bring home some chutney, some jam and some clothes washing detergent...  On top of that, for my $40 investment, I also get morning tea and lunch to boot!!!

I’ll let you know how the day goes!


  1. Have fun at Rhonda's workshop. I wish I were able to attend one, but live too far away.

    You are not the worst procrastinator. I am! LOL! I will try your suggestion.

    I sent you a gift from Snapfish photos. Did you get it? It was suppose to say from your Heartsister, but haven't seen anything on the board about you receiving it. I hope it made it to you. If not, let me know, so I can chase it up. I'm sorry I haven't written you a snail mail letter for awhile. I have been busy with end of uni semester essays and exams.

    I hope your mum is doing well.

    Your Heart♥Sister

  2. Have fun at Bell. I look forward to hearing how it goes. Sorry to hear about your Mum - hope things are settling down. Must be time for lunch. What about a weekend with some like-minded souls?