Monday, 1 October 2012


Today's Monday, a long weekend Monday.  Nice to have a public holiday this late in the year - something new for us Queenslanders....

This weekend past has been busy.  Mal has been here and has removed 8 out of 9 trees, he'll be back tomorrow to remove # 9, the one that started off this whole process....

In the meantime, I need to whinge....  Really, I do. 

I belong to a website that's all about people doing what they can, saving money, saving resources, just doing the best that they can.  Having said that, there's... well, there's... well.... mixed messages.

Here's some....

"I have spent too much money so what can I do to cut back"
"I bought an XYZ - it will save me so much money"
"I love my routines - it keeps me under control"
"I'm so out of control - what do other mum's do to keep track of things at home"
"Studying - I have so many units to do to keep up with where everyone else is at - how do I catch up"
"I've sent in 6 out of 10 of the units I have to do with my TAFE course"
"I love spending time with my children - we are doing XYZ during the holidays"
"God I wish that others would do what they say they're to do with the kiddies"
"Why am I the only one that thinks of XYZ when the kiddies are going out with their father/grandmother/aunt/uncle etc. that never ever ever has them and probably has zero information about their special needs......"


Just in case you need more.....

20 mins is the same as weeds pulled, straw for the chickens chucked and collected. Such a small amt of time and stess but makes a huge difference to how it looks out there :)

Nice full garbage bag of clutter removed from my laundry cupboard and 3 whole shelves to go LOL... amazing how much just gets shoved outta the way

Most yard work done in a while LOL... full length of the driveway weeded and rubbish out :D Garden still looks blah but it looks heaps better already

Vines pruned and garden is much more 'light' now :P Full trash bag collected of rubbish from around the yard, 1.5 green bins full and 3/4 recycle bin full :P Yard is looking SOOOOOOO much better!

Seriously - how much can be done in one backyard???????


Must have had enough for one day - bed time for moi!!!!!


  1. Hi Sharynne - yes popped in to see how the little table was going - I assume it went well in the end.
    re the saving site -yes sometimes the messages do get mixed - ummm very mixed.

  2. Sharynne - are you stalking someone? LOL! (does that someone screen name start with E?)

    Hope you feeling less frustrated.



  3. ps What is the story with trees? Where they casing probs?


  4. Hi Carmel - no I'm not stalking someone, I have edited it all, and no they don't start with E..!!!

    And yes, I'm over it now!!!! hehe - venting!!!

    The trees were damaged a bit, we didn't realise how bad till we pulled them down. One was on a serious lean, which needed to be pulled out, and so we took the opportunity to remove more of them... It's much lighter now!!!

  5. hehe Sharynne - sometimes you got to sort the wheat from the chaff.

    Oh lucky you got to those trees before they came down in a storm.

    take care