Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Fridge is clean!!! Just the top to do next!!!

I finally got the clean fridge!!!  Woo-hoo!!

Just the top to do now!!!!
This is the inside of the pantry door now.  Yes, it's got lots of stuff on it, but we use it all.  It's easy to use, conveniently placed and all there so I think it'll be good...

This is the table after I'd just started with the metho and steel wool.  I did about 3 or 4 goes with the metho/steel wool.  Each time I used a new piece of steel wool and a cloth, and it got progressively cleaner.
Here's the table after I'd sanded it lightly.  We bought a new triangle shaped sander yesterday, which was really good!!!

Here's the table with one layer of the shellac on it.  Wow - it was sooooo easy to do the shellac, I can't believe it!  I used a thick terry cloth and just wiped it on.

We've been doing all sorts of oiling and protecting the timber around here.  Yesterday afternoon I sealed each of the beams here with more decking oil.  They look really good when they're not weathered!!!  This is a job we'll need to do about every 6 months, but we won't need to sand them each time any more...

I reckon I'm going to go and do another coat on the shellac, then I might skive off and go do something more fun for the rest of the afternoon..... 


  1. Hi Sharynne, the table looks great! Well done. Pat x

  2. All looks amazing - especially the table.

  3. Love the Table, and the Control Centre. Fantastic effort, Sandra xox