Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... weekends!!!

WHY do they have to go so fast????!!!

Here it is, Sunday night.  3/4 of what I had thought I'd get done is done, and stuff the rest - it can wait!

This weekend, my parents were visiting, along with my brother and his two children.  I got one out of two - my parents came because Ken picked them up and brought them up here.  I rang Mick at nearly 4.00 pm on Saturday when he wasn't here yet, because we were expecting him around about 3.00 pm....  He wasn't coming.  He had sent me a text at 3.00 pm (arrival time).  My phone was at work because I forgot it on Friday afternoon and decided that nothing important EVER happens on weekends...... WRONG!

So.... getting over the visitors that didn't appear, Thomas and Astrid did appear on Saturday afternoon, as did Sue and Brent, and a little while later, Richelle.  Hugh was finishing a job and decided to continue to do the job (as you do when you can't actually put it down!!!).  Thomas and Astrid came to tell Graham and I all about the Routeburn and the Milford Tracks in New Zealand.  It was really interesting, and to see some of the photo's has got me all inspired!!!

Anyway, Thomas and Astrid departed, not long after Sue and Brent arrived.  They stayed for a while and then I said why didn't they just stay for dinner, seeing as Mick, Josh & Jaz hadn't arrived, so Sue went and fetched Richelle, and they stayed for dinner. Richelle was happy because she didn't have to cook, and because I am a dishwasher fiend, she didn't have to wash up either!

Poor Spot got stuck in the boys' room that we had had open earlier in the day to air out (carpets soon to be replaced!!!) and when we found her she had pooped under the bed and wee'd on the doona.... poor Spot. 

Ken, as I mentioned, came back on Friday night from Stanthorpe.  They removed all of the maze, including all the star pickets and the wire.  He brought some photo's that we looked at last night, one of which looks truly like a battle ground of Vietnam or WWII.  Absolutely amazing...  I will post some pictures soon.  The other thing he came back with was a love of Jessie, Craig & Sandra's little dog.  He wants one when she has pups... not sure I want a dog though!

Chooks are good, although half of them are bald.  No eggs laid by said chookies, and now there's no eggs in the house because I cracked the last 7 of them into a bowl this morning to make scrambled eggs, then tipped 5 of them over the floor and the walls and the fridge and the pantry (don't ask.)  **sigh**

Because brother didn't appear, I took parents to Nambour to the train to go home today.  We missed it by about a minute.  Grrr....  Took them home and then into Pomona to get the Gympie to Brisbane train later this afternoon.  Another job!!!!

Have been busy doing the budget today.  I haven't updated it for a while, so it's got quite a lot of things that I need to update on it.  I'll do them tomorrow night as I'm really not in the mood tonight!  I have auditors at work all week, so god knows when I'll get back here either!!!

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