Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Pondering moments...

I was having a reflective moment last night while I was organising myself some dinner, putting things away and generally pottering around like you do when you first get home from work.
I had decided yesterday that I wanted pizza for dinner.  Now, quite often, I make pizza using Lebanese bread as the base.  Didn’t have any at home, and wasn’t about to buy any either!  So – I found myself a basic recipe online, which I then played with a bit because I didn’t need the quantities that they had listed, and I didn’t have the ingredients in the manner that they suggested either.  What I wound up with was:
Pre-heat the oven to 220 degrees.  Put a fine layer of flour over the pizza stone and pop it into the oven to heat up (if you’re using one).
Thin & Crispy Pizza
1 cup plain flour
small sprinkle of salt

½ teaspoon sugar
3 grams of yeast
about 95 ml warm water
Mix the warm water with the yeast and the sugar and let sit for a few minutes to activate.  Mix in with the plain flour & salt, and then knead till smooth.  Roll it out thinly. 
Get the pizza stone (carefully) out of the oven and put it on a heat proof mat (I just used my stove top – sits really well on there!!!).  Put the pizza base on the hot stone.  Putting it onto a hot stone gives the base a crispy finish, not a soggy one. 
I made a mix of tomato paste & ricotta cheese with a small sprinkle of mixed herbs for the pizza base, and then I turned to the freezer & found some shredded ham for one of the toppings.  I chopped some shallots and sprinkled them over the top and then finished off with cheese.   Back into the oven for about 20 minutes – I had mine on the lowest shelf as I didn’t want the top too brown.  Check out the results!!!

So... it's not so perfectly round - and I did actually have to trim it a bit because it overhung the pizza stone. 
Still tasted okay though!

Ah... hang on – back to why I was being so reflective last night.  As you can see in the side bar, I am a fan of Simple Savings.  That site has truly taught me to think about things differently.  Pre SS, I would have bought a pizza.  Post SS, I would have gone and bought the ingredients and made my pizza.  Truly now taking on board the SS philosophy, I looked around for what ingredients I had at home, and made the entire dinner myself.  Total spent - $0.  It made two meals – last nights’ dinner AND today’s lunch, so an extra bonus there! 
In the quest to declutter my life of the things that I no longer wish to have in them, one of the things I am actively thinking about is the things that I DO wish to either keep or those things that I want to develop.  One of those is resourcefulness and adaptability.  I need to be able to know that I can live comfortably without having to rush out to the shop every day to “just pick up some....”.  When I think about how long it took me to make my dinner last night, it was done in about an hour.  In that time, I came home, I called a friend and chatted to her and her partner, I opened my mail, turned on the computer etc., AND I made my dinner.  From scratch.  I don’t think that’s too bad actually.  Mind you, I didn’t have hungry children nagging at me or anything like that – if I had, I think I would only have concentrated on the dinner and it would have been faster! 

Aren't they just sooooo cute when they're not trying to kill each other?


  1. I love home made pizza the best. We use the recipe of the SS site the one that uses just greek yogurt and S.R flour. It is the easiest, quickest and tastiest base ever. All my family and friends use it and wont use anythink else.