Friday, 14 October 2011

Freezer Inventory

I have always been against making a freezer inventory, or a meal plan.  I always justified it by saying that "I don't want to be restricted to what I eat" and "I know what's in the freezer"....


I did (kind of) know what was in the freezer, but let me tell you - when it's laid out in front of you on the floor or on the kitchen bench, or written down on paper, it's a whole different story!  We have a LOT in the freezers!  Time to eat it up!!!

6 full corned beef silversides
1 full rib fillet (whole)
6 kilograms of prawns
15 Chicken schnitzels
9 Lamb cutlets
Lime juice
Lemon juice
Orange juice
Mango juice
Chook carcasses
Fritz (from South Australia)
and on and on and on it goes....  We have, believe it or not, 4 full freezers.  One on top of the drinks fridge, one on the kitchen fridge, a chest freezer and a tiny upright on loan.  No wonder our electricity bill is high!

So - I now have 4 spreadsheets that are all printed out and ready to go.  Not sure what I'll do with them - maybe I'll sticky tape them to the front of each freezer and so that way it can easily be crossed off when it's eaten. 

Boy I'll be cranky if I've done all this work and while I'm away the boys muck it up!!!

I pulled everything out of the deep freeze & laid it all out on the floor in the garage.  I sorted as best I could - "like with like" and then decided where things were going...

This is partly why the freezers were so full.  I went to Meat City at Caboolture on Tuesday and stocked up.  This is only $130 worth of meat!  That's a great price! 


  1. It is a great place and saves us heaps. I wish I knew you were there I would have met you. Great blog as always.

  2. Great idea with the spreadsheets. Maybe you should put the easy to cook items like the lamb cutlets and chicken schnitzels near the top for the boys to use and that will leave you with less meals to prepare before you leave. Lol, or maybe do a suggestive meal plan for them to follow while you are away so they have no reason to muck up your organised freezers :).