Monday, 17 October 2011

It's not all about being quiet!!!

I read a quite a few blogs about simple living, about simplifying lives, about decluttering and so on. 

One that I read this morning had me thinking for quite a while about what the person had written.  They had taken on an office bearers job, and so they had spent part of the weekend "quietly" organising themselves for this. 

I pondered on this, because my life isn't always quiet.  Wow - it's sometimes an absolute whirlwind!!!  That doesn't mean that I don't have quiet time, not at all - it's just that I don't feel I have to do everything quietly in order to have the space in my mind and life that I am working towards. 

I don't want to be old - and to me, being quiet all the time says "old" to me.  It implies that you don't show excitement by jumping up and down and squealing, you don't have the music on as you go about the things you have to do in your home (unless it's ABC Radio National type music...) etc.  That's not me. 

Oh boy, that's SO not me.

I like noise.  I like music.  I like it when my life is sometimes zooming around at 1000 klm/h...  I just don't like it ALL the time. 

I had a nice mix of both over the weekend.  On Saturday morning I got up after a wild storm, & went to sewing.  The storm was just incredible - lots and lots of lightening, and plenty of heavy thunder and rain to go with it.  I woke up at a bit after 4.00 am to all the noise, and enjoyed laying in bed and watching the light show and the soundtrack to go with it.  I fell asleep again about 6.30 am, and then dragged myself out of bed about 7.30 am.  I should have just gotten up rather than going back to sleep!!!

Anyway, at sewing I spent most of my day on my knees pinning my quilt.  It's looking good!  I am going to have to get some more pins and then do some more pinning - I ran out!!! 

Sunday morning, I got up, unloaded the dishwasher, and was making myself a cup of tea & I got a text from Belinda.  She was un-enthused about having to pack to move out of the house that she and Simon had shared.  I headed over and gave her a hand for a couple of hours - really, she had very little in my view!!!  We soon had it packed and stacked in the spare bedroom, ready for Friday when she'll move.  Belinda is like me and loves gorgeous antique china and glassware, so it was lovely to look at her pretty things, too. 

On the way home I came via the mountains, and popped into the IGA in the next town to us, then went via our town to look in a new little Antique shop that's opened up.  They have some very pretty things, and I thought that their prices were very reasonable indeed.  I wound up purchasing an old rolling pin for Belinda as a housewarming present - I know it seems an odd gift, but she had commented that she didn't like her rolling pin as she was packing it, and she does quite a bit of cooking and baking, and loves old "stuff" as well, hence I chose it.  I hope she likes it!

I came home, and Ken was just getting out of bed.  He finished at 6.00 am and went surfing with a couple of friends from work, and then came home and had a sleep for a couple of hours.  We pottered around at home for a bit, and then headed off to Lance and Christine's home for a BBQ.  They've spent such a lot of time lately in Adelaid, I commented that it felt like FOREVER since I'd seen them!  Anyway, we had a lovely evening and came home about 9.15 pm, and Ken fell straight into bed. 

I wasn't long behind him, and fell asleep trying to read a magazine.

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