Friday, 14 October 2011

On my mind... the results of my weekend away concentrating on my sewing!

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I had such a lovely weekend away with the ladies from sewing group! 

It wasn't all hard work!!!!!

First of all, I made a pair of pants for my good friend Victoria.  She had a stroke several years ago, and it left her with her left arm paralysed and she also needs a stick to walk with.  She has made a miraculous recovery, and now lives on her own with a small amount of community assistance.  Anyway, I was getting some material together to make a pair of pants for myself, and she said that she would like a pair herself, but needed a couple of adjustments to counteract the fact that she only has the use of one arm. 

She’s a purple girl, so purple they were!

They didn’t take anywhere as near as long as I thought they might – so then I faffed around for a bit trying to decide what I was going to do next, and finally I just decided to “get on with it”, so I pulled out the quilt that I started quite a while ago.  I had made the 20 blocks from the centre, and that was as far as I had gotten, so it was time to get on with turning it into a quilt!

I trimmed up the quilts to get them to size – 15 inches square.  Then I put them all out on the floor so that I could look at what they looked like together.  I moved a few around and was happy with the final look, so then I sewed them all together. 

The next step was to cut out the border of raspberry, then the strippy border, and sew them together and onto the quilt – done!

I ran out of time then – I had to come home from the retreat at 1.00 pm because my dear friend’s father died in Sydney and I had a 5.15 pm flight from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney to attend the funeral.  I will continue with my quiltmaking tomorrow at my monthly sewing group meeting, so I have bought a can of adhesive binding spray to hold it all together until I have quilted it.  I’m really looking forward to the next part!!! 

I’m starting to feel a little cramped again at home – it’s time to pick up on the decluttering again and get on with it.  I think that will form part of my activities this weekend.  I’m also coming to the realisation that I need a list of what is in the freezer.  **gulp**

Menu planning and freezer inventories are something that I haven’t done before.  I am now starting to cook up extra meals so that when I go away in November/December, the boys will have food to eat.  The chest freezer is getting a bit full, so I think it might be time to be pulling things out and looking at them and writing down what they are and sorting them into an easy system for the boys to get to the food.  They tend to have boy looks at things rather than girl looks, and overlook the fact that there’s actually heaps of food in the freezer!  I hope this might make it easier – I will have to make sure though that it’s updated as things are taken out!!!

As for the decluttering, there’s a box in the study that I’d like to be rid of.  I think that will be my focus for the weekend also, along with the mandatory bill paying!!!

I am really enjoying slowing down and spending more time doing things for me in my home.  I feel more balanced at work and at home if everything is organised and calm, and I have time for my own creative pursuits.  I seem to be making headway in the “making place for space” in my life, which was the whole idea of the blog – to keep myself accountable!!!

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone! 


  1. oh, how lovely! look forward to seeing more here.

  2. I love the picture of the lady lying on the couch, she looks like she is really chilling out. I love the quilt too, It is pretty darn good it it is your first. I dont show my first samples. lol
    Look forward to seeing the finish. How will you quilt it?

  3. Love love love the quilt (& you know I hate the colour PINK!) hehe really lovely of you to make the pants for your dear friend.

  4. Hi. Visiting from Rhonda's site. Love the patchwork quilt. I wish I had the patience for something like that.

  5. Pat here, Sharynne. Love the quilt!

  6. Thank you all for your comments! Jan - I have no idea yet how I'm going to quilt it! I'll take advice from the lovely ladies at my sewing group - I'll let you know!

    Susan - so lovely to see you here too! I know you HATE pink so much - I knew you'd not like it!!!

    Barefoot bride - I have actually surprised myself with how much effort I have put into it - I usually want results "now" also!!!

  7. O my - that's just a thing of beauty! I love the colours.