Thursday, 21 July 2011


Grrrr.....  kittens!  Who'd have them.

As you know, I'm crocheting a dishcloth for the DTE dishcloth swap.  I already have a couple done, but I was trying a new pattern.  (I was almost going to write recipe!!!)

Last night I did another few rounds of the dishcloth - this one is different from the others because it's worked round, not across like all the others I've done. 

Anyway, I finished what I was doing, and popped it into the basket & sat it on my bed to do some more of when I got into bed last night, before I went to sleep.  I hopped into bed (I used the electric blanket for the first time last night - mmmmm!!!) and picked up the dishcloth and hook, and thought "gee, it's a bit light" and then I found it. 

Dishcloth  no longer attached to ball of cotton.  Nibbled off.  Chewed through. 


Now I have to join it, so I really don't want that one to be my gift - "here's your half chewed dishcloth".  Great. 

I don't even have a culprit, although I think it'd be Stripe as she was at the top end of the bed, and Spot was at the foot end of the bed.  But I don't know. 

Lesson:  don't leave yarn lying around where kittens might see it.....


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