Friday, 8 July 2011

On my mind... Convenience - what next!

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Most days I get an online catalogue sent to me from Peters of Kensington in Sydney.  I always look at them and have bought from them too from time to time when I need gifts, or some kitchenware etc.  I’m always interested in what products are available, what’s new, what’s not selling (you can identify them because they’re always really cheap!!!). 

Today a new product caught my eye.  A Soup Maker.  You can check it out here:
"Simply prepare your ingredients, pop them in the Soup Maker, choose from either a smooth or chucky consistency and then walk away letting the Soup Maker do its thing.

Like Cinderella’s fairy godmother, the Soup Maker will transform your ingredients from soup rags to soup riches. There’s a mixing blade attached to the lid and a one litre capacity in the jug. You can also choose to manually blend your soup to get it to exactly the right consistency you prefer.

So turn to the Soup Maker from Morphy Richards to make your soup dreams come true."

What is happening in the world where we need a soup maker?  What happened to a saucepan or a stock pot to make soup in, and then either a stick blender or a food processor to puree it?  Or have we come to a society now that wants convenience so badly that it’s willing to pay $150 for a soup maker? 

This magic machine will make one litre of soup at a time.  Yep – just enough for 3 people – never mind if you have 4!!!  (unless you like two mouthfuls and that’s it...)  Seriously though – does anyone even make such a small amount of soup at a time?  I always make a huge amount, and then freeze it in 500ml amounts for Ken or myself to take to work for lunch, or I get out two and have it for dinner as a meal with crusty bread...

**steps off soapbox**

My decluttering and organising is going well.  I tackled the spare bedroom the other night, which is where all my craft and sewing/crocheting things are.  Finally I had it all in the one place!!!

I tackled this job by sorting everything.  Sometimes you need to make a bigger mess to get to the end result.  I again put “like with like” – so I put all the zippers together, all the ribbons together (but not ribbons that you would tie a parcel up with – they go with the wrapping paper etc.), all the started but not finished projects together, all the kits and patterns together... I’m sure you get the idea.  I had them all spread out over the spare bed, and in the end I had quite a pile of empty bags, storage tubs and other containers that I had had things stuffed into.  At times it got a bit overwhelming and I was tempted to just leave things in their bag or box, but I kept up the attack and slowly but surely got closer to craft nirvana.  Let me say I’m not there yet at all, but it’s nice having it sorted!!!  Next will be storage so that I can easily access and use things!
It's a bit busy, but you can see I have crochet hooks with crochet hooks, ribbon with ribbon, cotton with cotton etc...

Tomorrow morning our Exchange Student from Norway will arrive.  I woke this morning and thought about him, winging his way toward Australia.  He is 16 years of age, and will arrive via the Youth for Understanding program.  He will stay with us for at least 5 months, maybe 10.  We're looking forward to welcoming him into our family!!!


  1. well done! and best wishes for your new arrival!

  2. I agree, a soup maker sounds like the most ridiculous thing I've heard! Thanks for the giggle

  3. A soup maker? What next!

  4. Wow, that really wins the prize for one of the Most Ridiculous Kitchen Appliances Ever! Not as bad as the 'fruit and potato peeler' we had back at my house in the early 90's, but it's up there :)

    I love cooking but the only appliances I have is: a stick blender and a bread maker. The bread maker I use to knead the dough if I am lazy. But I happily do it by hand as well. A stick blender is a great invention and the only thing you need, really, in my humble opinion :)

    Anyway, just popping in through the 'Down to Earth' link-up!

    Have a wonderful weekend and good luck decluttering :)

    This Good Life

  5. $150 soup maker!! That's a rip off. I bought a used $25 3-setting slow cooker nearly 20 years ago and it's still going strong and I love cutting up the ingredients for soups/stews/casseroles.
    Love your decluttering but I think I'll leave mine till the spring clean as I seemed to have amassed my own 'great dividing range' that's keeping me from the open spaces and I think I'll need to do a mass migration to shift it :P!
    Off to look at more links from the down-to-earth blog.