Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The world didn’t open up and swallow me!!!

So – this past week, I’ve been concentrating on putting and chucking stuff away.  Lots of stuff.... 

I have completed the spare bedroom – put all my craft things away etc.  I’m still not overly happy with how I have them organised, but it’s a lot better than it was, and at least you can now also move in that room!

I have put all the things away in the second China Cabinet.  It was fun putting things on the shelf and thinking about how they came to be in my life.  A whole shelf wound up being dubbed the “family” shelf – it has all the things that remind me of my family on it.  A setting from my late Grandma’s everyday dinner set, a couple of tiny little cups & saucers that were in her pantry, some glasses from the 1991 family reunion held in Ceduna... 

The booze got put back into a cabinet – and it’s ALL IN ONE PLACE now!!!  How good is that!!!

Last night I tackled the “to leave” pile.  It was really interesting.  I had become a little detached from the pile because it had been sitting on the table for nearly a month now.  I looked at it every day, several times a day – it was right “in my face”...  maybe that made it easier.  Anyway...  it wasn’t that hard.

I started at one end with butchers’ paper and simply started putting the stuff into boxes.  I took a couple of glasses that I got before I was married (1993) and wrapped them and put them in the bin – time for them to depart completely!!!  Everything else was boxed up.  About 6 boxes later, all with “to leave” written on them so that there’s absolutely no confusion. 

I was chatting to my gorgeous friend Miss Michelle later on last night and we were talking about how it hadn’t hurt, it hadn’t been that hard, and maybe it was even “cleansing” – you know, like “out with the old, in with the new” sort of stuff.  I think she’s right...  (have you still got the graduation glass there Miss Michelle or have you tossed too???!!!)

Surprisingly, the world didn’t end.  I wasn’t struck down by lightening.  The earth didn’t shake or swallow me up, and here I sit this morning, proof that I survived.   Cleansed. 

I don’t fathom why we feel the need to keep this stuff that has no meaning, had no good memories or just clutters up our lives.  I don’t get it.  I certainly do have the habit of keeping stuff like that, which is exactly what this whole journey is all about, but I still don’t get it. 

My strategy at the moment is bursts of 15 minutes, and JUST DO IT.  The tick principle – get on with it.

Big week this week – Auditors at work, and we’re planning for the Curry Nighters next function, Christmas in July which will be on Saturday night at our place.  It’s shaping up well so far, 11 or 12 people and lots of great food and wine to be had.  Can’t wait!!!

Is there something that you’ve been hanging onto that isn’t doing your life any good?  Maybe it’s a person or a habit...  Is it time for it to depart???

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  1. Susan's Perspective19 July 2011 at 23:23

    Sharynne - That's exactly right, if it doesn't make your hear sing then get rid of it. Good for you!