Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Finally I feel like I might be getting somewhere!!!

It's been a busy old time the past few days!

Our Norwegian student, Henrik, arrived safe and well on Saturday.  Unfortunately his luggage didn't!  Everyone who came from Paris on the Etihad flight had no luggage.  No worries they say - it'll be here tomorrow...  So I rang Sunday afternoon - it was arriving in Brisbane that night but "we'll have it to you first thing tomorrow morning"...  Hmmmm - then it was promised at 7.00 pm.  It arrived at 8.00 pm.  Is there no wonder that people get frustrated with customer service?  If we had been told the truth in the first place, all would have been SO much better!

We went on Sunday to an outing with my work colleagues.  I wound up sitting in one of the trees for a photo - everyone was joking about how it would be if I, the Safety Manager, fell out of the tree... Gotta tell you - it was a bit scarey up there, but I survived!!! 

I'm in the yellow shirt...
Then last night I got stuck into the china cabinet in the formal dining room.  I emptied out the box that had what was left of those items, and put it all out on the dining table.  I then washed a few things and cleaned a few others, and put them away.  I have enough space now in that cabinet that I have been able to put some things that are in boxes on the bottom shelf, so they are off the top of the cupboard, which makes it look so much more streamlined!

I had a wonderful time with one shelf that is designated "family" - so my Grandmothers place setting from her everyday dinner set, a vase Uncle Jim & Nancy gave me, some other bits from Grandma's house etc...  It's become my favourite shelf!!!

I have to go back and revisit the spare room as my friend Belinda stayed on Saturday night, so I had to pack everything up so she could get into the bed.  I need to go and lay it all out and resort it and put it all away now.  That needs to be done soon, so that Chris & Lorraine can sleep in the bed on Saturday week!!!

So - just a quick post from me today.  All is well, but I am keeping very busy just putting away and tidying. 

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