Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Journey to the forgotten places...

As you may have heard me mention before, I am a member of an Australian/NZ savings site, called Simple Savings.  One of the threads that I post to as often as I can is "Organised Chaos". 

The gorgeous ClutterCath spends the whole week dreaming up what bit of our chaos we're going to organise the next week, and then on Monday she posts it for us all to participate in.  We've done all sorts of stuff - last week it was organising for Christmas, this week it's the journey to the forgotten places. 

Some of these are vewy vewy scarey.....

Here's her lovely opening post from Monday this week:

Morning to all! Time to start a new thread and a new week and a new month! Gosh golly! I hope you enjoyed a quick visit to Christmas-time - the star on the top of the tree went to Chatterbox who organised and even WRAPPED some gifts!! Great job!

Well it's a slippery slope downhill towards spring now, so let's get started on a few of those forgotten jobs in the locations we dont check on often! When was the last time we remembered some of the following.....

* top of the fridge/freezer
* bottom of the crisper
* under the front door mat
* inside the letter box
* back pockets of the car seat covers
* under the washing machine
* lint filters
* tops of picture frames
* under the sink
* inside the BBQ
* the range hood
* the spice rack/drawer/basket
* bottom shelf of the wardrobe
* coat rack
* whats hanging behind all the doors?
* bottom of the handbag
* inside the microwave (oh the shame as I think of my own...)
* the glovebox
* top of the clothes dryer
* under the lounge cushions (that money is MINE!)
* cleaning the phones
* smudgy light switches
* the bottom of the craft basket
* the bottom of the shower curtain or track
* inside the kitchen bin or compost container
* inside light fittings and tops of fan blades
* shake out the keyboard?

There are probably some other forgotten places in your house you could travel to - let us know in case we have forgotten them too! Some of them are, to use a technical OC term, quite blerky. But necessary all the same. So own up, step up, and see what we can encourage each other to wrangle this week.

So anyway, after I had run away crying, picked myself up & dusted myself off, I decided that this week would be the kitchen storage cupboard.  And in the true spirit of the OC thread, I have decided to post a picture here of my very scarey kitchen storage cupboard.

We had the cupboard put in when we moved in to give us more storage.  It's become a dumping ground though, for stuff...

Time for it to change!  Stay tuned!


  1. I just showed The Duke the photo (enlarged of course) and his only comment was, "Tell her to lift her game!"

    I actually think I missed my vocation. I am just itching to get my hands on that lot. I must admit it is easier to be ruthless when it is somebody else's stuff. Mind you I can be pretty decisive with most of my own stuff, too. Just give me a yell if you want a hand.

  2. Mmmm this looks familiar lol!

    I have been clearing out my pantry for three days now! I have become ruthless in my attempt to become organised. However with my de-clutter I have made more mess so far, can't wait to finish the job. I have stuff sitting everywhere deciding what to do with it! How and when did I collect so much stuff!

    Good luck with your cupboard, looks like it could be a bit of a challenge, I look forward to seeing the end result...

  3. Thanks girls... Fairy - shamefully I have to admit the Duke is right. I do need to lift my game - hence my whole blog to declutter my life!!!

    Tania - My pantry isn't so bad, I've sorted & labelled that. Keeping it that way is another story though!!!