Saturday, 6 August 2011

People watching...

A couple of weeks ago I flew to Melbourne for work.  I decided to go from the Sunshine Coast airport, even though that's not my preferred option.  I was there early enough to have a coffee, some lunch and a lovely sit around so that I could do some people watching.

A lady caught my eye and I found myself wondering a bit about her.  She was older, but not old old, I would estimate maybe 60 or so. She was dressed like a well off sort of a traveller, but a traveller.  She had on a white polo shirt, olive cotton style (possibly quick dry or even light moleskin) pants, sturdy walking shoes, and she had a waist bag and a quality backpack. 

Her clothes and her backpack and shoes were good quality, her hair was well styled, but short (easy look after) and she appeared like she had enough money for whatever she wanted to do.  She was neatly attired, a belt on her pants and shirt tucked in. 

What made this lady stand out to me is a couple of things.

  1. She was travelling alone.  Yeah, ok, nothing strange about that, but this lady looked like she was almost going backpacking - or heading off to undiscovered lands or at least third world countries.
  2. She had obviously travelled a lot before.  She had on her wrists several different things like you would get from the third world countries - tribal plaited wrist bands, leather style bracelets etc., as well as some around her neck.  So, that told me that she was perhaps off on an adventure again.
I love people watching - so many stories, so many experiences, and you can either make them up or deduce them from how they look and handle themselves. 

I hope that this lady is enjoying her travels!!!

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