Wednesday, 17 August 2011

OUCH!!!! Actually - double ouch!!!!! AND my Tea Cosy from Mummy!!!

We have six chooks, and we have been getting about 5 eggs a day.  I trotted into the pen this morning as I was home late as was Ken last night, so we hadn't collected the eggs.  To my surprise, there was 6 eggs there, all cold, so all laid yesterday.  One was HUGE!!!  Ken has weighed it - 95 grams!!!!  OUCH!!!  I'll upload a picture tonight....

The egg on the right is actually a 60 gram egg....

Do you like my new Tea Cosy?  My mummy is very clever and knitted it for me from a photo in the Courier Mail!!!  She's very talented - the flowers are Australian Wildflowers, leaves & Gum Nuts....

I will also be back later to try again to upload some photographs of a quilt from another SS friend of mine - Nana 2 three...  she would love to share them, but needs a secure place so that the gift recipient doesn't see them!  Hotmail's having a "moment" right now, so I'll be back later with those photo's too!!!!

Now it's later... and hotmail's stopped it's moment, so here's the photo's.  Nana - you're TALENTED!! 


  1. To find the super large egg layer I suggest you look for a chicken with a broken pelvis - What a whopper! That's an omelette all on it's own!

  2. The poor chook!
    I'll be back later to look at the quilt, too. :)

  3. Susan's Perspective17 August 2011 at 21:40

    Just love N23's quilts, they're gorgeous (especially the owl). Thanks for putting them up Sharynne! That egg is a whopper, please let us know if it's a triple yolker, I've heard of them but never seen one.

  4. lovely quilts! and once again... POOR CHOOK!!!!