Sunday, 21 August 2011

My crocheting efforts so far...

I went to sewing group yesterday, and it was held at the Pomona Community House - the new shed, "The Lawson Shed"...  it was an expo for Seniors week, which started yesterday. 

There was about 7 of us there and we had one small room, so it was very cosy.  We had all agreed to bring hand work, as there was no way we would all fit in with our machines & cutting tables etc., so I took along my crocheting basket.  I had a really productive day, I finished off my floppy beret, and I also finished off several dishcloths that I have been working on.  I still have a lot of dishcloths to finish off (weaving the thread ends into the weave) but I'm pleased with where I'm at so far...

This is the top of the beret so you can see the design...

I only had a flower pot to put it on so that you can see it!!!!!  It's got angora in it, so it's very soft...

These are the finished dishcloths, and the one that looks purple on the top is pink, but it's a hot mat because it's acrylic...

The unfinished pile with tails sticking out all over the shop!!!
So far today I've been very busy.  I've unloaded the dishwasher, have done another load of washing, cleaned the carpet, dyed my hair, checked the radar and decided that I'll have to hang the 4 loads of wet washing in the garage now because it's going to POUR in an hour or two, made a cuppa, hung said washing out, had a shower to get the dye off the hair, had another cuppa...  all is good!

Breakky shortly and then... ahhhhhh... what will I do today!!!

I do have to make dinner for the boys tonight, they are out at the muster and I'm going out to get Henrik and have dinner out there. He'll go to school Monday/Tuesday, then we'll head out for a week on Tuesday.  It's going to POUR soon - so won't be going anywhere near the place till the rain's gone.  I am looking forward to a few days chilling out though!!!


  1. Love the beret Sharynne. And love the quilts, too. You are very talented!

  2. Lovely beret! No rain here yet, but it does look like it might rain sometime today.
    I don't have a washing line in the sunshine, it's all under the house.

  3. Lovely beret. Those colourful dishcloths can be used as facecloths especially if they are made from cotton. I've replaced some acrylic body scrubbers with 8" square crocheted cotton cloths as they are nicer to use, easier to clean and can be composted when they become too old and tatty.
    Lol, would you like some more rain as I've had enough here over the last fortnight??