Friday, 5 August 2011

On my mind... Holidays!

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It's that time of the year again when I start to think about holidays.  Gai and I are going back to Thailand this year - I am really looking forward to it.

I know that for some people, air travel doesn't fit in with their lifestyle, be it for whatever sort of a reason.  I don't have a problem with flying and overseas / within Australia travel.  I don't purposefully offset my carbon emissions, I feel that the lifestyle that we have here and the choices that I make offsets enough carbon for me.  I believe also that we should learn to live with the technology and conveniences that we have - within reason. 

I don't travel often - probably once a month or two within Australia, and once a year or so overseas.  I get so much out of these trips that I intend to continue taking them as long as I can...

We went to Thailand and one of the places that we visited was the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, near the Bridge on the River Kwai.  This place is dedicated to conservation of Tigers, and I learnt a lot about these magnificent creatures, even though it just looks like we're playing with them... which we were!  The babies were just like little kittens - only 2 months old!!!

We're going back to Thailand later this year and this is on the list of things to do!!!
He weighed about 200 kilograms I reckon!

2 months old... how cute!

They are bees on Thai desserts - they were after the honey

At the floating market, this gentleman was one of the boat rower/pushers.  I love his face!

If you would like to see the all incredible photos that we took, here is the public link to my Facebook album... 

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  1. Hi Sharynne, Visiting from Down to Earth. Thanks for sharing your facebook photos. I too have a love of Thailand and have been twice once on a holiday and as it happens we stayed at the same hotel as you did in Phuket. My second visit was as a volunteer teaching and learning to teach English in a poor province of Krabi called Au Luk. I have the best memories. Sadly I never got to the tiger temple on any visit. The photos were fantastic. I've seen the tiger temple on TV and would dearly love to go. Now I think I will put this holiday on my to do list. Thanks for sharing and have a great holiday when you go.