Friday, 14 September 2012

Decluttering musings... it's Friday again!!!

I’m still feeling really good inside about all the work that I did last Sunday on the pantry.  I feel very satisfied each time I open the pantry door and everything is neat and tidy and, more importantly, I can see everything!!!

I had a little surprise this morning – I went to look at our joint bank account and discovered that the interest only period on our home loan had finished, with the result that the loan repayments had increased.  By quite a bit!!!  Ken and I had a chat about it and decided to keep it as principal and interest – the interest rates are quite good at the moment, and we’re going to have to start paying off the principal eventually anyway.  That then led me to do our budget for the house.  Not real hard, and it’s a good opportunity to add in the things that we buy that we haven’t budgeted for, like cat food etc.,  Ooops – better go and put kitty litter in there too!!!

This then got me to thinking about what I’m going to tackle this weekend in the cleaning up/decluttering of the house challenge.  It fits in with my HBDI profile – when I’m under stress, I head from my normal “square, 1 foot in each quadrant” profile to a little less yellow, lots more green (detail) shape.  So it fits perfectly that while I’m a little stressed over other things, I plunge headlong into being organised!!!

So – this weekend, my plan goes like this:

Hmmmm.... what will I do tonight???
Finish off bookmark & get ready the things that I’m going to send to Corinne
Pick out 5 things to list on Gumtree for sale from the “pile”
Spend 15 minutes decluttering my office desk
Paint the first coat on my clipboards
30 minutes of crochet

9.00 am – Sewing
2.00 pm – leave sewing and head home.  Shower and change and go to Brisbane
6.30 pm – TS Norfolk (Navy Cadet) Dining In night at Redland Bay.  Still haven’t decided if I’m staying in Brisbane or coming home!!!  I’m procrastinating because I know I really want to go but I’m a bit afraid of it at the same time... 

Paint second coat on my clipboards. 
Put up the corkboard & admire the progress!!!
Water the long suffering plants
15 minutes decluttering on my desk
30 minutes of crochet
4.00 pm – Lance & Christine’s for Sunday afternoon “before they go away again to Adelaide for god knows how long” drinks

Whatever you have planned this weekend, I hope it’s a lovely, productive one.  The sun is shining here, and it’s likely that it will continue to do so over the weekend with only a slim chance of some showers on Saturday.  Hopefully on Tuesday the prediction by the Bureau of Meteorology of rain will come true!!!

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