Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fridge Organisation

I promised you that I would show you a little project that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks now.  Here it is!!!

I got inspiration from the Organised Housewife – where I’ve been following the challenge but haven’t really been doing all the tasks every day that she sets.  Anyway, one of them was to organise the pantry, so that took me a whole Sunday. Then I saw on here website a photo and a post about organising the inside of the pantry door, so I started on that (yes, I know the title of this blog is fridge organisation, NOT pantry door organisation!!!)

The thing I really wanted to achieve was a clean fridge.  God there was so much stuff on it, it was awful.  I’m still a little way from the fridge being clean, but I do have pics of the cork board that I’ve put in the pantry door. 

This is the cork board inside the pantry door.  Not quite finished yet, but you get the idea...

The other thing we did was de-furminate the kittens.  Wow - lots and lots of fur...  check this out!!!  From two short-haired kittens, that's a lot of fur...   
'tis a lot of fur on two kittens!!!

I'm off to paint the beams on the patio this afternoon, and sand and oil the chairs on the outdoor setting.  Photo's later!!!!

I'm getting a bit enthused about this decluttering and organising business!!!  I didn't declutter the froggie though that we found in one of the chair backs... he got to go and sit in the plants!  If he's still there I'll take a photo...


  1. Good to see Sharynne, your doing well. I get bursts of energy when I would love to jump up and get sorted, but my keeness disappears quite quickly.

  2. hehe Jan - my keen-ness sometimes disappears quite quickly too, but at the moment it appears to be sticking with me, for which I am eternally thankful!

  3. Oooh can you pass some of that enthusiasm down to me. I have a PODA (Parade of Daily Adventures) in Flylady speak with quite a few things on it but I never seem to get there. Spend way too much time on here and even the computer needs some decluttering.

  4. Wow you are really getting organised. I have also been doing the challenge but not as well as you . However in saying that I just love my cupboards now.