Monday, 17 September 2012

How did I go???

Not toooooooo bad I guess..... 

Finish off bookmark & get ready the things that I’m going to send to Corinne
Pick out 5 things to list on Gumtree for sale from the “pile”

Spend 15 minutes decluttering my office desk
Paint the first coat on my clipboards

30 minutes of crochet

9.00 am – Sewing
2.00 pm – leave sewing and head home.  Shower and change and go to Brisbane
6.30 pm – TS Norfolk (Navy Cadet) Dining In night at Redland Bay
.    (I stayed at mum’s place...)

Paint second coat on my clipboards. 
Put up the corkboard & admire the progress!!!

Water the long suffering plants
15 minutes decluttering on my desk
30 minutes of crochet

4.00 pm – Lance & Christine’s for Sunday afternoon “before they go away again to Adelaide for god knows how long” drinks  (This turned into drinks & then dinner at our house...  you get that around here!!!)

What is interesting is that I didn't get the crochet done that I wanted.  I guess part of that is that I wound up with such a sore arm and wrist that I put Nurofen gel on it.  Ouchies!!!

I have just about finished my cork board organisation thingy, and will share it with you soon...  Just a few final touches to go!!!

Have a lovely week everyone - mine is busy, with dinner out tonight, Katie Rose Cottage tomorrow night, a haircut on Thursday night, staying down at Noosa on Friday night, and my brother coming for a visit on Saturday night.... phew!!!

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