Saturday, 2 April 2011

Ahhhh.... the weekend!

So - here it is Saturday morning.  I'm supposed to be heading off to the Patchwork Angel to do a sewing course on how to make a little zip up bag, but I hurt my shoulder somehow yesterday, and I just can't go.  Even doing stuff like bending over to pick up the washing from the floor to put into the machine has its limitations.  I'll give them a call in an hour or so and see what I can do.

Also got to go and have a look at a friend's floor - she's laid the same sort of laminate timber floor as we're getting, and then head down to Carpet Choice at Noosaville and choose some flooring!!!  We then have to wash poopy bum chook, spray her, give her a tablet, and give all of the girls some new water with other stuff in it just to make sure they're healthy...  **sigh**

Then we have to go and pick up a new silky oak display cabinet at Brighton, a bit over an hour's drive for us.  Don't worry - there is one cabinet leaving in exchange for one arriving!!!  OR... maybe I might keep the display cabinet and use it for storage of my craft stuff - that would solve that issue that I have.  Hmmm... stay tuned for that one!!!

Washing is on, Ken is still asleep, I'm enjoying this lovely sunny morning.  Everything look so clean and lovely outside - it's been raining a bit on and off the past few days. 

I'm really looking forward to spending this weekend doing what we love here at home - I'm starting to really turn into a homebody!!!!

I'll post some pics later on - I really want to show you what a moulting chook looks like...  poor thing!!!

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