Tuesday, 5 April 2011

How's Tuesday going for you???

I had a good day... 

Woke up to the alarm at 5.00 am.  Snoozed it till 5.25 am ('cos you can't snooze it any more than 5 times & then it demands to be turned off!!!), then Ken asked me to reset it till 6.00 am...  so I did!!!  I just love rolling around in a warm comfy bed, checking out the sky getting lighter and looking at the lovely trees waving in the breeze.  There's something so comforting about snuggling under a feather doona when it's cool outside!!!

So.... tonight.  Err.... lots of sandwich making!!!  First of all, I used up the ham & cheese & froze sandwiches for breakky.  Then I made smoked salmon & cream cheese baguettes.  After that I put the hot crossed bunnies with butter on them into the freezer too.  Lots of stuff to simply go and get out of the freezer now when we need food!!!

Poopy bum chook had her last tablet tonight, and was most pleased when I also gave her mince to gobble up (and green beans... ick I hate beans!!!).  The other ladies also complained because they weren't allowed out of their pen and had that icky water and no freedom.  Tough!!!

I'm also doing washing tonight, and will shortly have to go and hang out and bring in said washing.  Does it ever end???

I did also have on my list to clean out the top drawer in the bathroom tonight.  Not sure that's going to happen, but you get that.  Have also chipped a finger nail, so better go and repair that before I have another scratching episode like my big toe where I got a mozzie bite & itched it till there was no skin left...........

Okay.  Photo time.....

Here's how I do the sandwiches.  Spread out a loaf of bread and get to work.  See the chook on the window sill?  That was a part gift from the delightful Clare P, an SS person who needed their retro chook to go to a good home.  I just love it, it looks after my rings, and also has the measuring spoons in one place!!  It's such a happy chook!!!!  Thank you so much Clare - it brings me such happiness!!!

I've put the sandwiches in alfoil this time.  I usually do them in glad wrap, but one of the guys at work had his sandwiches in alfoil and didn't then need to clean the sandwich machine.... so I'm giving it a go!!!
Here's the smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill baguette...

This is Stripe - one half of the wonder kittens.  That THING is her duck.  Yes, it's stuffing is hanging out.  Bad Stripe for playing and killing duck.  Bad mummy for not fixing said duck......

This is Spot - the other half of the wonder kittens.  Yes they look identical.  Yes, they have spots and stripes depending on their name.  Yes, they're spoilt......

I think it's bed time!!!  Good night all - hope today has been bright & shiny for you all!!!!!


  1. ahh.. much easier to read than the yellow writing! Love the cats! Did the top drawer get cleaned?

  2. Thanks for the feedback on colours - I'm still playing around to find what I like!!! Top drawer was a fail, but 2nd draw was done instead!!!

  3. Susan's Perspective6 April 2011 at 11:40

    Just loving your blog Sharyn. I also have a ceramic chook in my kitchen (sits in a laying box on straw) & has 4 or 5 little baby chicks around it.............. very cute (& no poopy bums!LOL) must do something about sending you photo's the similarities between us are amazing! xSP