Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A peaceful Wednesday evening...

I love it when it's quiet at home...  I get two nights per week to myself - different nights each week as Ken works a 4 on/4 off roster, 2 nights and 2 days.  The days when he's on nights it's just me at home, and it's lovely.  I so enjoy me time - and it keeps us both refreshed in our relationship because we do spend time alone.

Tonight I've tried to get myself organised for the rest of the week.  I've had a bit of a clean up, put the dishwasher on, got out food for tomorrow night (it's my turn to host the weekly dinner with the A family...) and found food for Friday night too while I was upside down with my legs hanging out of the deep freeze! 

Spot is here with me, whinging a bit as per normal.  She wants to be picked up - that's what kittens want.  Stripe has now completely pulled the stuffing out of her duck - and I have found bits of it all over the place.  That's what kittens do!

Popped over to Val's place tonight and took her the other dozen eggs that we didn't have on the weekend!  Came home with a big branch of basil and 3 more yummy smelling lemons - mmmmm, love lemons!  So - tomorrow night I'm going to have a bash at making Margaret Fulton's Lemon Delicious Pudding...

Poopy bum chicken is still isolated but seems to be a lot better than she was.  She's not pooping anywhere near the amount she was, and her feathers down in that region aren't as icky as they were - they're even a bit fluffy on the ends...  The other girls are whinging now because they're locked up till Sunday so that they only have the water in their bowl till then which has the cocciddia (something or other) medicine in it, and they want out.  White chooks are now trying to rush the door as I go in.... I have to foot them out the way!!!  (that's the term for elegantly sticking one's hoof in the direction of said animal and they move backwards....  I don't actually touch them though unless they run into me!!!)

Lunch today was a success with the smoked salmon baguette and breakky worked well with the sandwich in foil.  I toasted it in the toaster machine, still in the foil - no cleaning of said toaster machine (have I mentioned here yet that I'm bone lazy?????) and better still, didn't get anyone else's gunge off the toaster machine.  Seriously, some people at work are just feral...

That's about it for tonight I think.  I have paid some bills today (finally - oops!!!) and sorted out some paperwork.  One day I'll find my desk again under all the paper!!!  Nearly tax time - that's when I sort, file and chuck!  Well, I don't chuck - I take to work & chuck into the secure shredding bin.

I hope you are all having a great day/evening/night - whatever the time is where you are.  Remember to take some time for yourself - it will help to clear your mind.  I am consciously thinking of these things now, and I have to say I do enjoy them.

I'm off to see if I can evict some junk from the bedroom right in time for the delightful Miss S to come and clean tomorrow!!!


  1. Hi Sharynne. I so relate to what you say about Me Time. I was talking to someone about that today and it occurred to me I need to start organising my time better for when my hubby retires. I value my time alone so much, it is going to be difficult to handle being together 24/7. Time to put some strategies in place...

  2. Ahhh - door hoof ~ so easy when you DONT have a rooster set to attack hoof mode...

    Hope poopy-bum is on the mend :D