Friday, 15 April 2011

On my mind....

Today I have several things on my mind. 

The first one is my gorgeous chooks.  Moulting chicken is getting much better looking as she grows more feathers - she still looks really scrappy though...  Poopy bum chicken is well again, and is back in the run with the other ladies.  She's growing feathers back on her bottom, and starting to look a little normal again too!!!  Yesterday afternoon, Ken rang me and told me that he had collected one of the biggest eggs from the nest that he's ever seen - and that it didn't fit in the egg carton.  I have seen some big eggs before, but boy oh boy, this one was BIG!  I have put it here next to a pen and a normal egg. 

Ouch...  No wonder they squawk when they lay eggs!!!

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Sewing Guild again.  I go once a month, and I am so enjoying the company of the lovely ladies & I am constantly in awe of how much knowledge they all have of sewing & craft.  I have also re-learnt to crochet with them, and that has come in very handy with me signing up to participate in the dishcloth swap that's being run through Rhonda's blog!!!

Next, I'm thinking about my Heart Sister from Simple Savings.  Matilda, one of the lovely ladies on the SS forum has organised this program, where you are matched up with a Heart Sister, who has provided certain information about herself to the organiser.  That information is sent to you, and through the year the idea is that you can send gifts for their birthday, a card or a note or anything like that, just so that they know that someone out there is thinking about them.  It's anonymous, in that they aren't supposed to know who you are, and at the end of the year, all will be revealed.  Your own Heart Sister sending things to you is not the Heart Sister that you send to. 

It's her birthday coming up soon, so I would like to find a small gift to send.  It's also Easter coming up soon too, so I think that I might send two parcels - that'd be fun!!!  I might head to the Eumundi Markets tomorrow before going to Sewing Guild, and see what's around...

Finally, I'm thinking about my upcoming trip to Sydney.  The delightful Michelle & I, along with Sue, are heading to Sydney on Good Friday.  We'll drop Sue off at her parents house for a visit, and then Michelle and I will continue to Sydney via Millthorpe, where a friend has an antique store.  I will march with my RSL Sub Branch on ANZAC Day, and we'll head back up the highway to Glen Innes on Tuesday or Wednesday to go to the Australian Celtic Festival.  Ireland is the host this year, and it will be lots of fun!!!  We have camping organised at the showground, which is within walking distance to the town, and also walking distance to the Australian Standing Stones and the festival grounds. 

No wonder all these wonderful things are on my mind!!!


  1. Such a wonderful Adventure! I'm sure you will have a blast! That egg is AMAZING!

  2. Wow Sharynne, what giant eggs! Hope you have a great Easter weekend. By the way, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award:
    I'm not sure if you accept awards, but I really felt that My Place for Space deserved this.