Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday already!!!

Well!!!  What a remainder of the week and weekend it turned into!!!

Just to update you – when you make things like Lemon Delicious pudding, they’re much better if you read the recipe and put the milk & flour in where they’re supposed to be, not turfed in at the end because you forgot!!!  Oops – better luck next time!!!

I spent Saturday mostly in the car – went from home to work for a couple of hours, then from work to the A family in Ipswich, picked up mum’s computer, went to mum’s house, installed said computer, and came home again.  A round trip of about 400 klm I guess.  It was nice though – we’ve just been so busy lately that we haven’t put aside any time to do nice things, and this was one of those nice days.

On Sunday we trotted with the A family (a different family!!!) down to Noosville to have breakky while their son attended a fishing workshop with Phippsy.  Amazing that Phippsy – he can be on the radio AND running a fishing workshop – all at the same time!  I must be so naive – I really thought that he recorded that stuff on Sundays live!!!

We left the boys at the club & the girls went off to the Noosaville Farmers Market.  Gosh I love that market – all the produce is just so fresh, and it’s locally grown or caught.  I bought a few things that I thought were well priced:

Avocado’s – 3                                                    $  5.00
Silverbeet – 1 bunch                                          $  3.00
Banana’s – 3                                                      $  4.50
Grape tomato’s – 2 punnets                              $  5.00
Bag of mixed lettuce leaves                              $  3.00
Freshly made spaghetti – 2 bags                       $10.00

All up not too bad – I'm quite pleased with the purchases.  I don’t mind paying for good quality produce that’s going to last, I have a bit of an aversion to paying for things in the supermarket that turn out to be rotten in just a day or two though.  Can you see the basket to the left of the photo?  My mum has a granny flat attached to her house, and she has a number of ladies from PNG living there.  When I was decluttering towels & sheets the other week, a lot of them went to the ladies who took them home to PNG.  They gave me this gorgeous basket in return which was lovely of them and totally unexpected.  It's a wonderful basket though to take to the market because it hangs from your shoulder with long straps, and it is quite wide at the bottom, so fits a lot of stuff in.  I had all these things in the basket, along with wallets, keys etc., and there was still room to spare!

We went home after the markets and washed poopy bum chicken again – she’s getting much better.  We moved her pen again, and then let the other girls out.  They were so excited to be let out that they were running and flying around the side yard!!  They then went to the dirt pile and fluffed themselves around in it for a couple of hours – they get so dirty!!!  Bald chicken is looking even worse, which is good because she’s now growing back more feathers, so she looks scrappier but in a couple of weeks she’ll look good again.  I hope she hurries up – it’s cool at night and I’m not a fast knitter, so she won’t want to be waiting for me to make her a jumper!!!

Then the lovely CC from the SS forum came over with Mr C to show me how to make bread in my bread machine.  We made potato bread, which was yummy!  It didn’t rise quite like hers, and she thinks that might be my machine – we left it to go, and it cooked well and turned out nice in the end, so maybe I don’t need another machine.  She also brought some freshly made hot crossed bunnies, which Ken is VERY taken with – he had a couple last night!!!  Anyway, we were outside enjoying a cup of tea when this procession of people arrived.  First of all B & H arrived, and 30 seconds later S arrived, then L & C arrived, then R arrived, who’s S’s daughter.  Then H & B arrived, S’s husband and son....  we put the pig on and had a little fire, which was yummy, and when everyone left Ken and I had toast over the fire with the new potato bread. 

Haven’t done much decluttering in the past few days.  It’s getting closer to the time when we’re going to replace the floors, and that’s a bit frightening!!  God I hope it looks good!!!

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  1. Sharynne, I love the basket. A very close friend of mine married a lady from PNG and she makes baskets like that.