Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A teriffic Tuesday...

I didn’t have to go to work early today, I got to stay home for a bit (well, that was the idea!!!) because the Fire Brigade are coming to work tonight to do an exercise, and I need to be there to supervise them.  I had thoughts of sleeping in, having a leisurely breakfast, then heading off to the Podiatrist, the carpet man, and then to work.  Didn’t kinda work out like that...

Last night, Ken talked me into going surfing with him.  It would have been so easy this morning to stay in bed, but something got me out of bed and into the car.  We headed down to Noosa to the beach and took the Mal with us.  I was lucky – I got to wear the new thin wetsuit material top so I was toasty warm (until I managed to let water in – then it was cold!!!).  I actually had a lot of fun – got up on my knees a couple of times, but haven’t managed to stand up yet.  The day was gorgeous, clear blue sky, warm in the sun and really calm ocean.   The waves were little, which was also good – I didn’t want to be in pounding surf! 

I guess we were there for maybe an hour?  Got home about 9.00 am, and had breakfast and a yummy shower, then headed to the Podiatrist where my foot got all strapped up.  Hmmmmm – it’s hurting a bit now!  He’s not sure why I’ve got a sore foot, but we’ll give this a go and see what happens.  Back to him next week.....

Then I headed over to Carpet Choice & handed back the samples.  Finally – we have decided!  Sydney Blue Gum flooring and a Stainmaster very pale cream carpet for the rest.  Bad news – can’t have it till May, but that’s not so bad because we’re away anyway for the end of April at the Celtic Festival. 

Gives me more time to sort stuff out too!!!

Will be home late tonight, so no decluttering tonight.  On SS though, I have posted on a thread which has reminded me that it’s only 8 pays for me till Christmas.  8 pays!!!  After Friday, it’ll only be 7 pays!  I have started the Limoncello, which is now a lovely lemon colour in the pantry cupboard, so maybe I’ll be able to give some of that as gifts – will wait and see.  Maybe that with some chocolate truffles, or some cheese or something....  I don’t know – can’t bear to think about it yet!!!

I think I need a cup of tea – it’s afternoon tea time!!!!

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