Monday, 27 June 2011

Deciding how to organise things...

I have discovered a challenge while I've been doing this decluttering, and that is HOW to organise things when I am putting them back.

Take my craft and sewing for example.  I have stuff everywhere!!!  I had been operating out of my sewing trolley which housed my sewing machine, plus every other thing that I had in the way of craft and sewing.  When we changed around the bedrooms and I got some space that was going to be mine, I started organising the things that I had.  I sorted all my fabric, and I put all my fabric stash into a plastic tub and I did the same with some other "like" things...

Fast forward 3 months, and now I'm starting to put things back in the sewing area again.  I have decided that the best way to tackle sorting and organising the craft and sewing things is to collect it all in one place, then sort like with like, then look at how I will store things.  I have a small set of drawers that I will put things like needles, pins etc. in (probably in little baskets so they don't all roll around too) and I have some plastic drawers that I may also use.  The tubs are a good thing for me - they have lids, and I bought some extra ones from Ikea that are smaller in size but taller so they take up less floor space.  They also have lids.

I think that for me, this style of organising works best.  Get it all together and then sort it out, then store it.  Only store what you will use!  Chuck stuff you won't use!

Do you have any other strategies that you use? 

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  1. Fairy from Organised Castle27 June 2011 at 21:11

    How to organise? This is a never-ending battle and is my excuse for the mess in my sewing room as I keep telling myself that I will not just shove it in a box/tub/drawer to be sorted out later. I have done that too many times before so for now it stays in a heap on the floor until I finally decide what to do with each and every item. Perhaps not the most efficient option but it seems to work for me.