Thursday, 9 June 2011

On my mind... so much to do!!!

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right at the moment. 

I have stuff spread all over the house from the timber floor replacement, which needs to be sorted, decluttered, and what's being kept put back.  Tuesday the guys are coming to replace the carpet in the 4 bedrooms and the lounge/dining.  That means everything in those cupboards needs to go onto the timber floors.  Also, the beds and the other bedroom furniture will be shifted out.  Eeek! 

Right Shaz - it's time to breathe... in... out...

It's just time - walking stuff back and forth from one room to another.  Plus I look around the study and there's LOTS of stuff in there, which isn't instilling in me a great amount of confidence. 

breathing... in... out...

I am working onSaturday this weekend, and on Monday we are heading to Brisbane to the caravan and camping show.  I'm looking forward to that - we really enjoy camping, and the muster is coming up soon.  Who knows what we'll find there!!!

As I'm working Saturday, that only leaves Sunday for.... MUSTER TENT PUTTING UP!!!  Yes, it's that time of the year again - when us mad music fans (AKA a delegation of Muster Michelle and I) head to the Amamoor State Forest to put up tents to secure our SPOT for the Muster, which is held the last week in August.  Yes, I know that's nearly 3 months away.  Told you I was mad!

Do you recognise the guy in the middle?  We had dinner at the next table to him at the Muster in 2010.  The boys are Jake on the L and Josh on the R - Ken's boys.  They were really excited about this!!!

L-R Me, Belinda and Nicky - having breakky...  We were all having Juice (very healthy).  We had the choice of Grape Juice, Apple Juice or Orange Juice (AKA Wine, Cider or Orange Vodka Cruisers...).  I think we were having Orange...

Oh, and did I tell you that the Backsliders are going to play at the Muster???  SO can't wait for that one!  If you don't know who the Backsliders are - read this...  Ken and I went to Joe's Waterhole at Eumundi to see them with Chris and Lorraine.  Chris loves them, and it was he who introduced them to us...

So - the great procrastination continues.  I'm not shifting stuff because I'm here...  Hmmm... not so productive!  However, much more fun!