Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My life on the lawn...

Well - that's what it feels like, anyway. 

Yesterday was carpet day, the day when the carpets were all pulled up and changed in the whole house.  All we had to do was empty the cupboards and put their STUFF on the timber floorboards, then the carpet layers would move the furniture, and all would be good. 

Errr... do you know how much STUFF goes into those cupboards?  And, that we really don't know how much is in them till we do this type of an exercise, because when we move house, we pack everything away in boxes, all nice and neat, and the STUFF is out of sight.  By golly gee though - when it's out in front of you it's a bit of a wake up call!!!

Check out our stuff!!!

My life in the Games Room and Kitchen... 

Stuff, stuff, STUFF

It just gets better and better!!!

This is the new carpet on the left, and the old on the right.  Quite a huge difference in colour!!!

Lounge/Dining room kind of put back together - the china cabinet is still in the kitchen.  See the painting on the wall?  I have three of them - they are original paintings done by an elephant!!!! 

I just had to add in this photo.  This is what's painted on the wall in the old study, soon to be boys bedroom.  I thought I should take a photo for posterity before we repaint it!!!

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  1. Lol Sharynne at the magic roundabout room. Your lounge looks fabulous now. Love the lounge suite!

    Pat, SS