Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Turning a corner - and a moment of realisation...

I had a bit of a “moment” last night.  I was looking at all the house stuff still pulled out of cupboards & storage spaces, and all of a sudden it dawned on me the enormity of what I had started.  I figured that this decluttering thing was going to be over and done with in quite a short period of time (yeah, god only knows why I thought that!!!) and that my notion of only putting back what had been sorted and cleaned was not actually going to work in practice.

So – I changed my tack a little, and set a slightly different course, but one which will lead me to the same destination.

I have been putting things back where they belong, but not everything, and not necessarily “away”.  For example, I have been finding bits and pieces of craft and sewing things in different boxes.  Ribbon that I can use on sewing projects, needles, crochet hooks, yarn etc.  I am simply taking these to the spare bedroom and placing them on the bed.  Mind you, before I do that, I have been looking at the item to see if it’s worth keeping – if not, it’s leaving!

The spare bed, with things spread out in piles according to what they are... I do seem to have quite a few "bags" of things though...
So – what’s that done for me?  Well, so far I have an almighty mess in the spare bedroom as I put stuff in there, I’m gathering more stuff in the bedroom (I found 9 ½ pairs of shoes last night alone.  I don’t know where the other ½ is yet....) and I have a pile of things that is now living in the dining room, waiting to go into the boys’ room when it’s finished being painted. 
I thought about that too – it might actually make it worse, having the stuff spread around the house in more areas.  In some ways, it does.  The clutter is now spread out, rather than being confined to a smaller area.  However, in some ways that’s also good as it allows me to concentrate on “like with like” decluttering, having gotten rid of the big bits of it.  It also gives me back my living space!  That makes me feel ever so much better – no more piles of stuff that you have to move in order to watch TV!!!
Getting more space in the media room!!!
The pile of things that are leaving the house in some way, shape or form is growing.  I have now been putting things into that pile that I think may not stay in the pile, like some small plastic drawers and a basket that will be useful down the track.  Those sorts of things may go into a “maybe” pile for later thought...
As the pile of "departures" and "possible departures" continues to grow...
One thing that I did say really early on was that I wasn’t going to rush this job, and I think that thought has always been in my head, it’s just that I didn’t realise that “not rush” meant “it’ll take a while”. 

I don’t know why that is!

I did read something very interesting this afternoon, which I will leave you to ponder on, it's about the Law of Attraction:

Law of attraction

How can the universe give you something when you have no space for it?

Clutter that blocks the positive energy of the universe isn’t just found in tangible items.  The most stubborn clutter is found in the ways we fill our lives with meaningless activity, negative people and wasted time.

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  1. Fairy from Organised Castle28 June 2011 at 21:23

    I don't see the alcohol on the 'going' pile!