Sunday, 12 June 2011

Today is TENT day!!!

Every year we go to the National Music Muster (that's it's official name now...).  It's also known as the Gympie Muster, the Country Music Muster and all sorts of other names.  Let's face it - with names like Jimmy Barnes opening last year, the Queensland Police Band of Blue, the Backsliders - it ain't country any more, folks...

Of course, there's the die hards who think that the muster should remain country.  If it was all country, I wouldn't go.  I don't mind a little country, but god forbid I should have to listen to a week of it.  I'd need counselling at the end of it!!!  If you want country, go to Tamworth.  If you want a good spread of excellent live music that includes rock, blues, jazz, easy listening AND country, head to the muster. 

So - why are we putting our tent up now when the muster isn't till about 23 August you ask?  To get our SPOT dear readers!!!  God forbid that we should have to camp somewhere other than where we're used to camping!!!  It's a lovely spot too, in the grass, under the trees, not too far from the amenities (but not too close either...), not too far to walk for ice or the bulk garbage bin.  All most important things!  It's about a 10 or 15 minute amble into the music itself, so we're far enough away that the noise doesn't bother us, but close enough that we can just hear what's on either main stage or in the Crow Bar.  We have to walk past Swill Hill to get to the music, and that's good fun - although we don't want to live there either...  Last year when Kee was with us, he had a badly sprained ankle and we could also go and catch the bus.  Fantastic spot...

I'll take a photo and post it later...  I love this time of the year!!!!!

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