Friday, 17 June 2011

On my mind... my journey is gathering some speed right now...

I feel like I'm a bit on a speeding train at the moment.  I have taken this journey to declutter and simplify my life, and that has mainly been focussed on possessions and STUFF - because we had a deadline, our floors. 

As you'll have seen - we are living the "life on the lawn" dream at the moment, with a lot of our stuff in the kitchen following the carpet and timber floor replacements.  I don't want to just put stuff back, I want to sort it and declutter as I go, which is a bit more of a challenge.  I have quite a pile of things that are departing at some time in the future - I have designated the camping table as the departing table at the moment, although I fear that the space that is currently just the table will need to be expanded... 

Last night I put a lot of lovely things away in the china cabinet, and tonight I may put some of the glasses that we will keep away in the sideboard.  I want to ensure that I take the time to enjoy doing this - and I have been so far.  I have washed everything that goes back, so no more dust.  Actually, some things I don't think have ever been washed!

What I'm enjoying about taking my time with this job is that I can remember where the things came from.  I have things from my grandmother, my ex-husband's mother and grandmother, my nanna etc., and it is just so wonderful thinking about my nanna who went and chose a doiley for me as a gift and asked my dad to send it to me, or my grandmother who used to teach me (much to my mother's disgust) how to "saucer my tea" when it was too hot to drink, justifying it by telling me that "I'll bet the Queen would have to saucer her tea when she's in a hurry"... hmmm - maybe that's where my hate of things too hot comes from!!!


  1. Sounds like you have undertaken a mammoth task but will be worth it in the long run. It's always nice to sort through things that have been hidden away or not used for some time and how nice is it to revisit special memories?

  2. I admire you for taking your time and enjoying this big job, it's so tempting to rush such things, good on you!

  3. It's lovely to have things with such special memories. I still have one or two baby items my sons wore and every now and again they come out of the drawer so I can go "Aww" and think about the days when they were little-uns.