Monday, 6 June 2011

The Valley Rattler... and a mess in our house!

I had SUCH a lovely day on Saturday!!

I went with some friends on the Valley Rattler from Dagun to Dagun.  It was sooooo lovely!  It was about an hour from Dagun to Gympie, and we got off the train there and went and had some lunch, then about another hour from Gympie to Amamoor, then back to Dagun where we got off.  There was also a Growers Market in Dagun that afternoon, so I managed to buy a whole heap of fresh veggies before I came home!!!

The Rattler coming into Dagun station

The Rattler engine being turned around on a manual turn bed at Amamoor

Isn't it great????
Sunday we spent at home, moving some things out of the timber floored area into the carpeted areas, ready for the timber floors to be changed... TODAY (Monday).  Oh. My. God.  What a mess!!!  Furniture is all stacked on the carpet and the timber is all clear.  The timber is so much lighter, it's really looking good!

We had to eat out tonight - couldn't get to the kitchen to cook!  May even have to eat out tomorrow night depending on how organised it all is.  Check this out:

All the furniture piled up in the Lounge/Dining room

How good do these floors look?????
Spot and Stripe the wonder kittens had to sleep all day in the bedroom so that the men could do their floor thing.  The workmen were really, really good - I arrived home as they were leaving, so they all introduced themselves to me, and we had a quick chat.  They were all lovely, polite men - and boy they have done SUCH a good job.  Ken's even impressed - they've taken the skirting boards off, numbered the walls AND the skirtings so that they can go back on in the right place.  Takes a lot to impress Ken!

$15 worth of food at the Growers Market
Here's what I got at the Dagun Growers Market.  Green beans, lettuce, custard apple, yakon leaves, broccoli, 6 mandarins, 3 avocado's... 

Tell me where else you can get that kind of value from fresh produce locally grown.  Love it!


  1. Susan's Perspective9 June 2011 at 22:00

    Wow Sharynne that floor looks absolutely gorgeous & well worth the hassle of moving the furniture. Remember to sit back & appreciate a job well done!! PS: The tradies sound wonderful!!

  2. The floor looks terrific! I'd put those guys into the SS 'Hidden Treasures".