Monday, 20 June 2011

TODAY was Muster Tent putting up day...!!!

Yesterday actually...  Finally we found the muster site and got our spot pegged out and tent put up!  But, boy oh boy what a way to get there!

I couldn't find the muster site on so I kinda guessed.  I had a little "moment" in the car when I said that I hoped that I had chosen our destination to be the right place... but it turned out I got it a little wrong - not a lot though, and it was a lovely drive.  Anyway, we went up hills and down dales from Gympie and got there eventually after a couple of about turns...  There wasn't many people at the muster site yet!  I guess others are having trouble finding their way in too!!!

So - we're really pleased, we got prime spot!

Normally by now there'd be lots of people around us... with the main road in being closed, there's only a few people here.  We will have 5 tents on this spot once we're done...

This was one of the creek crossings coming out.  The trees are all laying over on their sides from the flood earlier in the year.  There's evidence of the flood and its fury all over the place...


  1. Oh how I adore it is a bit nippy out there though! Brrrr.

  2. I hope there were more tents than that by the end of the day? I would think I had the wrong spot and worry until more people showed up.

  3. Barb - Muster isn't till the end of August, so no worries about nobody else much being there. We definitely haven't got the wrong spot!!! We camp within about 20 metres each way of this spot each year, just depends on who gets there first!!!